Vol. 13 (2007): Review of Survey activities 2006

Volume 13 cover page

Edited by Martin Sønderholm and A.K. Higgins

The Review of Survey activities presents a selection of 17 papers reflecting the wide spectrum of activities of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, from the microscopic to the plate-tectonic level.

Activities in Denmark: The Survey's field of activities in Denmark is illustrated by three papers on petroleum- and groundwater-related topics and one on recent environmental changes.

Activities in Greenland: The Survey's activities in Greenland are covered by nine articles focusing on investigations related to mineral and petroleum exploration reflecting the unprecedented level of exploration activity in Greenland in 2006.

International activities: During 2006, the Survey carried out work in more than 25 countries outside Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. This bulletin contains descriptions of three projects related to the national implementation of EU legislation, such as the Water Framework Directive, and a project in Vietnam aiming to improve the local geoscientific capacity.



Published: 29-04-2020

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