Vol. 52 (2022): Marine geodiversity and geosystem services in Scandinavian seas

Guest editors: Kaskela Anu (Geological Survey of Finland), Margaret Dolan (Geological Survey of Norway) and Verner Brandbyge Ernstsen (Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland).

This special issue highlights the application and development of the concepts of geodiversity and geosystem services in a marine context with a specific focus on the Scandinavian regional seas.

The articles published in this issue address the role of marine geodiversity and geosystem services in relation to blue growth, green transition and sustainability and the importance and value of including abiotic components of nature in relation to nature conservation, protection and geoheritage. Hence, this issue promotes key elements for maritime or marine spatial planning and management in the marine realm in a changing climate.

The editors intend for this issue to contribute to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development by contributing to the scientific knowledge base.

Published: 29-12-2022