Vol. 3 (2004): ​Late Quaternary environmental changes recorded in the Danish marine molluscan faunas

Volume 3 cover page

K. Strand Petersen

The main result of this work was the comparison between the fossil faunas and the mollusc faunas now living before our eyes using the C.G.J. Petersen bottom community concept step by step in the seven stages from the Eemian to the Subatlantic within the seven regions in the Danish realm.

It appears that the differences in facies made the difference between the regions and that the more temperate Eemian marine fauna was only connected with the shallow water environment.

The climatic changes recorded in the mollusc fauna have given a clear record as far as the main trends are concerned – the interglacial/glacial cycle, however, the climatic changes during the Holocene were small.


Published: 2020-04-17