Vol. 54 (2023): The PGE-Au Mineralisation of the Skaergaard intrusion: precious metal minerals, petrography and ore genesis

Guest Editor: Rune B.E. Larsen, NTNU, Norway

The Skaergaard PGE-Au Mineralisation, alias the Platinova Reef, is hosted in a series of mineralisation levels within a suite of bowl-shaped macrorhythmic layers in the upper Middle Zone of the Skaergaard intrusion. The intrusion is exposed 68°N in East Greenland. The occurrence defines its own type due to its exceptional structure and mineralogy. A wealth of mineralogical data is available in laboratory reports for individual samples and in peer-reviewed publications, but none of these account for the lateral and stratigraphic variations in the compositions of the minerals and phases of PGE and Au parageneses in the gabbros of the intrusion. In this special issue, the authors, Nikolay S. Rudashevsky, Troels F.D. Nielsen and Vladimir N. Rudashevsky, collate and describe the mineralogical data for the first-formed PGE-rich and last-formed gold-rich mineralisation levels and integrate these with petrogenetic models. A foreword is provided by the Guest Editor of this special issue, Rune B.E. Larsen.

Published: 27-07-2023