Vol. 46 (2021): Jurassic stratigraphy of East Greenland

Volume 46 cover


The Jurassic basin of East Greenland has an international reputation not only for its well-exposed examples of rift-related depositional systems but also as a source of direct analogues for the subsurface of the Norwegian shelf and the North Sea. In addition, the basin has played an important role over many years in research into Boreal Jurassic biostratigraphy and ammonite taxonomy. A well-constrained stratigraphic framework is an essential component of basin analysis, and understanding of the stratigraphy of the Jurassic in East Greenland has advanced in the last decades in parallel with intensive sedimentological, sequence stratigraphic and palaeontological research. 

The aim of this bulletin, therefore, is to present a comprehensive, well-illustrated revision and up-date of the Jurassic stratigraphy of East Greenland to guide and constrain research efforts in future years. The Jameson Land Supergroup spans from the uppermost Triassic to the lowermost Cretaceous and comprises five groups that together include a total of 25 formations and 48 members. Many of these units are revised in this bulletin, and three new formations and 14 new members are introduced.

Published: 09-07-2021