Vol. 12 (2007): Lithostratigraphy of the Palaeogene – Lower Neogene succession of the Danish North Sea

Volume 12 cover page

Volume 12 cover page

Poul Schiøler, Jan Andsbjerg, Ole R. Clausen, Gregers Dam, Karen Dybkjær, Lars Hamberg, Claus Heilmann-Clausen, Erik P. Johannessen, Lars E. Kristensen, Iain Prince and Jan A. Rasmussen

In the mid-1990s, hydrocarbon exploration in the Danish sector of the North Sea shifted from Mesozoic targets to the lower Cenozoic, particularly in the so-called 'Siri Canyon', an erosional feature incised into the top of the Chalk on the eastern flank of the Central Graben. Intensive drilling activity in subsequent years has provided a wealth of new information concerning the nature of the Cenozoic sedimentary succession in this region and has also illustrated the need for a refined, up-dated lithostratigraphic framework.

This bulletin presents the lithostratigraphy of the marine siliciclastic Palaeogene – Lower Neogene succession of the Danish North Sea. Existing groups (three) and formations (seven) defined elsewhere in the North Sea region are adopted and supplied with reference wells; eleven new members are defined from the Danish North Sea succession.


Published: 2020-04-28