Vol. 12 (2007): Lithostratigraphy of the Palaeogene – Lower Neogene succession of the Danish North Sea

Volume 12 cover page

Poul Schiøler, Jan Andsbjerg, Ole R. Clausen, Gregers Dam, Karen Dybkjær, Lars Hamberg, Claus Heilmann-Clausen, Erik P. Johannessen, Lars E. Kristensen, Iain Prince and Jan A. Rasmussen

In the mid-1990s, hydrocarbon exploration in the Danish sector of the North Sea shifted from Mesozoic targets to the lower Cenozoic, particularly in the so-called 'Siri Canyon', an erosional feature incised into the top of the Chalk on the eastern flank of the Central Graben. Intensive drilling activity in subsequent years has provided a wealth of new information concerning the nature of the Cenozoic sedimentary succession in this region and has also illustrated the need for a refined, up-dated lithostratigraphic framework.

This bulletin presents the lithostratigraphy of the marine siliciclastic Palaeogene – Lower Neogene succession of the Danish North Sea. Existing groups (three) and formations (seven) defined elsewhere in the North Sea region are adopted and supplied with reference wells; eleven new members are defined from the Danish North Sea succession.


Published: 28-04-2020