Data Sharing and Reproducibility

GEUS Bulletin believes in open, reproducible science. All papers must contain a methodology detailed enough for someone in the field to reproduce the methods.  For short papers, this can be supplied in a supplementary file.

We encourage authors to make their data as open as possible by one of the following methods:

  • Provide a (DOI) link to the original data or code in a data repository as part of the manuscript.
  • Upload data or code to the GEUS Bulletin Dataverse
  • Provide a link to where the data can be purchased.

Datasets uploaded to GEUS Bulletin Dataverse are reviewed by a member of the editorial team and are published when an article is accepted. All published datasets receive a DOI, providing a permanent link between the dataset and the corresponding research article.  Published datasets can be updated as more data become available. All versions will be preserved.

Related information is available in the page: Submitting a manuscript – datasets and code  

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