2001: Geology of Greenland Survey Bulletin 189

Volume 189 cover

Volume 189 cover

Edited by A. K. Higgins and Karsten Secher

The Review of Greenland activities is now a well-established way of communicating the main operations carried out each year in Greenland by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). This volume, the fifth, contains 15 technical papers reflecting field projects undertaken in 2000, introduced by two reviews - The year in focus and the year's publications. The latter includes a listing of publications issued in the Survey's own series and those scientific and semi-popular papers written by its staff and coworkers released in international outlets.

The technical papers report onshore and offshore activities based on both ground and airborne surveys and from widely spaced regions stretching from southern Greenland (60°N) to the Arctic Ocean (84°N). Topics include multidisciplinary geology at the celebrated Skaergaard intrusion, stratigraphy and sedimentology of Proterozoic to Quaternary sections, economic geology with evaluation of commercial mineral and petroleum activities, and marine and airborne geophysical data acquisition. Several papers report on physiography, limnology and the impact of climatic change on the environment.



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